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Village of peace


In our village we would like there to be:

viIle de la paix_Pointe de Sable_Ile Maurice


A house for everyone. Without houses people would have to sleep outside. If you have to sleep outside you can catch cold and have all sorts of illnesses and people will make fun of us.


A youth centre so that young people can do things together to develop themselves, so that they stop making fun of others. They can learn not to be tempted by things like drugs and alcohol and how not to get sick. It needs to have activity days for families and for children so that they can share what they know. Elderly people could meet at the centre but on a different day. They could sing, dance and swim because there will be a swimming pool. There would need to be a lifeguard at the swimming pool so that the children don’t drown and like that there will be no sadness in the village.

Village of peace_Mauritius           village of peace Mauritius
There will be lots of flowers in the village to make it pretty.

There will be a multi-racial church where all religions will be together. A church where we can pray if we have problems.

There will be a police station. The police will be there to make sure things stay clean and tidy. We won’t need the police because everyone in the village is a good person. We won’t need a speed camera because there will be no accidents because everyone will respect the rules of the road.

There will be a big garden where everyone can plant what they want; fruits or vegetables. We can share what we have planted. We will share even with those who don’t plant anything.

There will be a post office and we can write to our friends to stay in touch with them. We won’t need to travel, that way we will save some money. If we offend someone, we can write to them to apologise.

There will be a building site so that people can work.

There will be a pharmacy because it is important to take of people who get sick.

There will be a school. At school we can be with our friends.