Village of peace

Campaigns and Activities
Here are some pictures from Lebanon


Midia, 10 years old
Midia, Liban, 10years old
“I drew trees, houses, the sun, a pavement and
clouds because I want my neighbourhood to have more trees and flowers.”

Alain, 9 years old
Alain, Liban, 9 years old
“I drew a road and playground because I want it to be nice.”

Mohammed, 9 years old
Mohammed, 9 years old, Liban
“I drew a bridge, cars, trees and people because those are my dreams.”

 Gabriel, 10 years old
Gabriel, 10 years old, Liban
“I drew a traffic light so that the people can cross easily.”

Christelle, 10 years old
Christelle, 10 years old
“I drew flowers to decorate my neighbourhood.”

 Sherine, 8 years old
Sherine, Beyrouth
“I drew a house because I like it when my house is nice.”

Jospeh, 13 years old
2014 Beyrouth 12_PS
“I drew a building for those who have no house, no food and no water.”

 Rachid, 12 years old
Rachid, Liban
“I drew a school so that children can learn and when they grow up they will become teachers and doctors. I love school.”