Puppets from Opatija, Croatia

Campaign 2016-2017, Campaigns and Activities
 “Come on! Let’s look together for the keys to friendship and peace!”


My friend Sena lived in a home for unwanted children. No one wanted to help her or to hang out with her. I helped her studying. We became friends. She found her new home in Bosnia. She lives there now. I think that we are all equal and should be friends.

Jan, 12 years old.


My friend Alex is new in our school and she is different religion. All kids at school usually make fun of her. One day I saw her cry at school and when I asked her what’s wrong she said that everyone was telling her she will never have friends. I felt really bad for her. I told her that I will be her friend. She was very happy and I was glad that I made her happy. I don’t think we should make fun of someone because of their religion.

Emily, 14 years old.


This is my friend Benfik. He’s 12 years old. He’s a gipsy. He goes to school with me. No one wanted to be friend with him and everyone made fun of him. I became his friend. I think, no matter what color someone is, everyone should be friends and color of someone skin is not a reason not to be friends with someone.

David, 10 years old.