Puppets from Antananarivo, Madagascar

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“Come on! Let’s look together for the keys to friendship and peace!”


Jusianah, 11 years old

When I arrived here for the first time, I met a girl and asked her name. Her name is Elinah. We became friends and we were very close to each other. We saw ourselves as sisters. We shared news and chatted a lot. She always bought things in my family’s shop. We were always together. But at one point there was a misunderstanding and now we are not talking about jealousy any more. She’s still angry against me and that makes me sad
. I would like our friendship to return as before.



 Soary, 12 years old

Before we lived in Antanifotsy. I did not know anyone in our new neighborhood, so I played alone in the yard. A neighbor came to play with me often. I lived with my uncle, I did not know her but she knew my uncle. When she ate, she always gave me and we became friends. We always shared things. Her name Dinah.

Aina, 12 years old

When Aina goes out to play, the children hit her and insult her. We saw what was happening every time, we called her to play with us. Little by little, we brought her to play with other children. During the animation of the street libraries, we call him to join us. All the children have become his friends, even those who have hurt him before. She is very happy, she said to all the children: “Thank you for having accepted me as a friend and I wish we were looking for many friends”.

Clarisse, 10 years old

There’s a little girl named Clarisse. Before she lived in the country with her parents. Her parents no longer had enough money to support the family. So they decided to get into the city to look for jobs. They could not find a house to rent and they slept all the time on the street. Later, they found a small house to rent near my home. His parents sell fruit. When they were still in the country, she was attending school but once in town she stopped to keep her two little brothers. Before, Genessa alone plays with her since she never leaves home. Later, the children came to play with her. So she had the courage to get out of her house because the children became her friends. At this moment Genessa invited her to come to Tapori. She came with her two little brothers.